R0 / 2 is a one-sided press for small discs and complex parts. Typical applications include TuCa balls for pens, bearings, metal cutting tools and ceramic components.

Features The device is available for pressure constant thickness or constant density. Standard features include a high-resistance cast-iron tire, gravity feed system and a lower pressure air balance. Optional features also include adjustable top perforator penetration, top stabilizer and dedicated feeding systems. R0 / 2 can be equipped with a PLC / PC based control system called MC5. R0 / 2 conforms to European standards

Heavy-duty single-press rotary press.

R5 is a heavy piston with a capacity of 400 kN and filling up to 70 mm. It combines durability and high precision, allowing the production of a wide range of technical components, including parts with crossed shoulders and vertical holes. Its solid and sturdy construction guarantees a long life. Typical applications include powder mining, ceramics, batteries, mining (nickel, copper, cobalt, etc.) and chemicals. R5 is also ideally suited for block formation