Al-sharq Metal Turning is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of metal products, building materials, shipping containers, and machinery.Our products include metals,  machinery, containers, construction materials, mechanical products, electrical systems, and medical accessories. Established in 2008, large-scale complete sets of equipment, electrical engineering equipment, accessories, succeeded to penetrate the steel market in Egypt. ... Al-sharq products are in conformity with the Egyptian

Why Al-sharq Metal Turning for Formation and Minerals?

Because our company is the only one to date in Egypt that provides your factories with a service to provide lost percentages, because we are able to deliver you raw materials according to the manufacturing requirements of your factories if they are cutting (circular - slices - plate squares) according to the uses of your factories in different sizes so that there are no ratios in wasting raw materials and to reduce The cost in the product you have

The company offers the products and services chosen by its customers because they meet and exceed their expectations and we strive to always achieve quality standards of the first class and to meet the wishes of customers with a high level of accuracy and commitment at competitive prices to reach a high level of quality and work to increase it to maintain our position as a lead